Five Tips For Choosing A Home Telephone Service Package |

Everyone has a cellphone these days, which means traditional home telephone service has sort of fallen by the wayside. But not so fast! Many national and local carriers have listened to the demands of their customers and have begun “bundling” phone packages in response to them. There are numerous benefits that come with having a landline, and listed below are five of them.Cost EfficiencyWe’re all looking for a bargain in this economy. After all, home telephone service options are up against some stiff competition; cell phones are becoming increasingly more expensive, but that could mean savings for the prudent consumer. With simple household packages starting as low as $9.99 per month, the decision to install a home phone hasn’t been this easy since the 90’s! In fact, many people are returning to land lines for this reason alone.BundlesFor consumers wanting to save money and have it all, “bundling” can be the perfect option. Typically, “bundling” means Internet, phone and cable TV service billed as a single entity. More and more entertainment providers are offering these types of packages because they offer consumers more choice and convenience when it comes to communications and entertainment. According to recent news articles, the public has responded in a big way. The report says consumers are being drawn away from giant conglomerates in favor of local providers; the exodus is due in part because small providers began adding home telephone service to their Internet and TV packages. Bigger companies are in turn are trying to respond to this trend by offering their own, more expensive packages.Pros and Cons-Local ProvidersThe pros of going with a local provider range from customer experiences to product familiarity. Many local providers have served their communities for decades and have built a reputation across generations. This could mean better customer service in the long run and more leverage for the consumer when it comes to making deals. However, if a customer moves they may not be able to take their existing service with them (like they would with a national company). For those not planning to move out of their service area anytime soon, perhaps their best bet is to support a local provider.Pros and Cons-National CompaniesNationals entice customers with their flexibility when it comes to moving out of a service area. Because these companies are national, relocating your service is easy most of the time. However, customers may get stuck in a sinuous stream of redirection when it comes to speaking with a representative. This is due in part to the overwhelming number of customers these companies deal with on a regular basis. If prompt customer service comes at the top of your list, perhaps doing business with a local company is your best bet.Do Your ResearchNeighbors, family and friends can be a great resource when it comes to deciding whether or not to get home telephone service. The industry relies on customer reviews, and the best way to get them is by asking around. The Internet is full of review sites as well; but like any review, use them for research purposes only, and take them with a grain of salt.For those of you looking for home telephone service, be sure to shop locally before calling the big guys about landline installation.